Original and objective research conducted by the staff at iTEP and Academic Language Solutions, shared with permission from our customers.


geovisions work and travel special report -- april 23, 2017

This report looks at the impact of cultural immersion on language development for participants of the U.S. Department of State J1 Visa Summer Work and Travel program. The J1 Summer Work and Travel program is considered to be one of the State Department’s most successful examples of public diplomacy efforts.

This report addresses the issue of measuring the success of participants in honing their English conversation skills through this program. It also looks at what we can learn about the success of meeting these goals and how it can be documented. It analyses data gathered from a small- scale pilot study administered by GeoVisions and iTEP, (International Test of English Proficiency).

The Summer Work & Travel program is an effective way for visiting students to improve their English conversation skills. The position that a student takes at a host employer is not a significant factor in how much language improvement can be attained. Improvements in iTEP English language scores validates Department of State goals that exchange programs have sufficient opportunities for participants to practice speaking English. For the Summer Work Travel program, such practice leads to an increase in English conversational skills.

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