ACT and SAT To Be Online And On-Demand

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We tend to take “online and on-demand” for granted at Academic Language Solutions. But in today’s NY Times (Wednesday, April 15, 2020) is an article about the College Board reacting to the distractions involved in traditional test-taking in the age of Covid-19. While it seems we’re all taking social distancing seriously, herding students into a proctored room to take an hours-long test just no longer makes any sense. Especially given that some colleges, according to another NY Times article today, are waiving SAT and ACT requirements for entry. “More than two dozen — from highly selective liberal arts colleges like Williams and Amherst, both in Massachusetts, to California’s public universities — announced this spring that the tests would be optional for applicants seeking to enroll in 2021. Some even went further than that.”

It makes sense from a financial standpoint that the College Board would try to make major adjustments. After all, annual testing for ACT and SAT results in $1 Billion a year income for the College Board. Now comes word that they are developing at-home versions of the ACT and SAT for high school students to take this fall.

Test Security Is Not Just Another Pretty Face

FotoSure photos during a test.

All of our tests are now online and on-demand. Academic Plus (college and university international admissions) and Slate Plus (middle and high school international admissions) came online March 17. The professional series (Business, Aviation, Conversation, Au Pair and others) have been online and on-demand for years. Nice to know we’re ahead of the curve.

I know what you’re thinking. Test security. OK, you were thinking about the word “cheating.” At Academic Language Solutions, we refer to that as security.

Here is a sheet of FotoSure® photos that were taken of me when I took a sample test recently. We use these photos (much bigger when you see them in person) to make sure test-takers are not using a phone or asking someone to help them. You’d be surprised (or maybe not) what people bring to help them take a test and how often we find a 2nd or 3rd person there with the test-taker.

Also, for the Academic and Slate tests, we can bring in Examity proctoring. Examity has several different levels of proctoring. There is auto (looking at the same photos I’m showing you in this blog post) or video. The next level up is live proctoring. That’s a proctor watching students take the test live via a video feed.

However the College Board decides to handle the SAT and ACT tests, Academic Language Solutions is pleased with the way FotoSure® handles test security. With the addition of Academic and Slate Plus tests coming online with the same security technology, health becomes a priority.

To talk to us about our online, on-demand testing with FotoSure® technology, contact us. We provide free tests for you to see how our testing security works in the real world.

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