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Reading Time: 2 minutes Think back to when you were sixteen years old.  What was your focus?  There are thousands of young people from around the world right now who are exchange students, and chances are there are one or more under your supervision.  At sixteen or so, their… Continue Reading “WE THINK YOUR EXCHANGE STUDENTS HAVE A LOT OF COURAGE”

Students from 118 Countries

Reading Time: 2 minutes Exchange Students come from all over the world. I’d say that the last “normal” (pre-pandemic) year was 2019. I took a look at July 2019 J-Visa issuance and noted the range of countries represented. Just look at the L’s. There were students from Latvia,… Continue Reading “Students from 118 Countries”

Exchange Students Arriving

Reading Time: 2 minutes Exchange Student Issues #2 It’s that time of year again. Yes, at the same time when everything else is happening. Students are coming back to school. Freshmen are coming for the first time. You have new teachers, but not enough. You’re deciding live classes… Continue Reading “Exchange Students Arriving”

Exchange Student Issues Inaugural Issue

Reading Time: < 1 minute Welcome … … to EXCHANGE STUDENT ISSUES! Exchange students come to the United States from dozens of countries, and while, in a normal year, they account for less than 1 of every 1000 students, they make a significant impact on high schools throughout the country. EXCHANGE STUDENT… Continue Reading “Exchange Student Issues Inaugural Issue”