Employers Using English Proficiency Tests For Business

English proficiency tests for business. Businesses are looking for employees who display effective communication skills. This is especially important for non-native English speakers. iTEP English proficiency exams, written for specific industries, keep interviewers focused on the job each new employee is being hired to do. Knowing the English proficiency tests for business are accurate and objective, interviewers can use their time interviewing for past experience or education and also measuring a candidate’s aptitude, fit or potential.

Content-specific, accurate, customizable, convenient

  • Content-Specific: We offer English tests for companies to match a wide range of industries. You can pick the best test for your industry, so the vocabulary and scenarios match your workplace. In this way, you get results that matter.
  • Accurate: Our detailed scoring makes it easy to understand a potential employee’s English capabilities. So you can let your best communicators be the face of your company.
  • Customizable:  make it match your brand with our “white-label” services which are available upon request.
  • Convenient: Our tests last anywhere from 30-90 minutes depending on test-type. Scores are ready within 24 hours and since it’s online, employees can take it anywhere: at home, at work, or at a test center.

“My team spent too much time interviewing irrelevant candidates due to the varying ranges of English proficiency. We went to the iTEP Conversation test to pre-screen job candidates. They take the test online so we don’t have to take time to give a test or provide a room or proctors. Using iTEP Conversation for pre-screening, in our last hiring round, we were able to filter 170 good candidates from the pool of 300.”

Jeffrey Halter, Disneyland

When using any of the iTEP English proficiency tests for business to be used for pre-screening, your job candidates will receive precise and comprehensive results within 24 hours. The tests are all available online and on-demand. The savings of not having proctors, technical equipment to take the tests and a testing room available is huge. No coordination is needed. Job candidates can take the test online on their own computer when and where they like. It does not interfere with a workday or time from your interviewers.

Results to drive your hiring decisions when using English proficiency tests for business

Low levels of English are often sources of misunderstanding and delay, and in many cases, they are blocking points for career progression. For an HR manager, identifying those who need extra support in a timely and efficient manner is difficult. But with any of the iTEP exams, regular, company-wide standardized English testing is now a realistic proposal.

“When hiring, I had to assess the applicants on their logical reasoning & aptitude. I’m not qualified to assess English proficiency. However, assessing a large pool of candidates & acquiring unbiased results without any human hustle is difficult without a sound testing solution. With iTEP English proficiency tests, I was able to filter more than 500 candidates within a short span of time.”

Mary Contrary, Hilton Hotels

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