How Sponsors Require itep conversation

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  1. Require iTEP Conversation from your Overseas Partners. Build this into your annual agreement.

2. Decide how you’ll record test scores

When you require iTEP Conversation, you’ll want to make sure the scores are in your database. We can assist if you want to:

Upload them to your database, or

Receive them via email, or

get them together in one Excel spreadsheet, or

Any other way that supports recording the scores.

And you’re done

Introduce us to the overseas partners that you have told that you require iTEP Conversation. We have an iron-clad confidentiality agreement. Then we will provide them with the tests and all of the support they will need to explain to the students how to take the test. We’ll even send them a beautiful three-color Certificate of Proficiency to email to each student.

What’s the return for the Sponsor?

  • Security photos and official registration to begin the test ensures the actual student is the one taking the test.
  • Human graders (not machines) who are ESL professionals and also specially trained to grade this test objectively score the exam within 48 hours.
  • When you require iTEP Conversation, sponsors receive objective scores to accept a student in the program. Then, these same scores are used to assist in job placement (Work and Travel, Intern & Trainee) and host family placement (Au Pair and High School). These ranges of scores are objectively based on thousands of current ratings in our database.
  • Proof to anyone who might ask that your organization is using objective English proficiency testing for the program.
  • Students come to the US secure in their conversational English ability, using real-world English. It helps them make friends more quickly and contributes to their safety once they arrive. They can also express themselves confidently in English. Arrival in the US is more relaxed and less stressful.
  • Overseas partners consistently agree:

“Sponsors who accept the iTEP Conversation score receive the best students.”

YES Thailand, CHI High School Overseas Partner
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