How Sponsors And Overseas Partners Use iTEP Conversation


iTEP logo for organizations who accept the iTEP examHow Simple Is It? 1-Step!

  1. Require the iTEP test for your programs.
  2. Go back to Step 1.

Sponsors don’t need an iTEP account, proctors or staff. And, no test centers are needed. That’s because we use FotoSure® security technology.

You will receive the student’s registration information, scores and score report to upload to your database. You will also have access to your own unique chart (like the one you can see here) that will help you accept and place the students.

Overseas Partners / Agents

How Does It Work? 3-Simple Steps!

  1. unnamed-1-1600x1200-1Email Test ID and Password (which we provide) to each student.
  2. Then, after the tests are graded, receive test scores by email.
  3. We will email our beautiful three-color certificates as your last step. You can email the certificates to your students.

Save hundreds of hours since Academic Language Solutions does all the work. Save on your budget. No training is necessary. No testing rooms are required either. iTEP is online and on-demand. We use FotoSure® technology for security. Student verification isn’t necessary because students register online with one form of Government ID (or your ID). No reason to oversee any testing or maintain a secure environment.


Why transition to iTEP?

When Program Sponsors transition to iTEP:

  • Program Sponsors can say goodbye to issues with students not being able to adequately communicate verbally when they arrive in the US.
  • Concerns are alleviated that incoming students have inadequate English to integrate socially and academically.
  • Job placement and assignment are more accurate using the student’s iTEP Conversation Score Report with Summer Work and Travel, Intern & Trainee and J1 Teach programs.
  • With our help, set up and use your own unique chart of scores and job assignments to improve accuracy and reliability.
  • Non-native English speaking partners and agents are no longer involved in English proficiency evaluation.

Overseas Partners

Why transition to iTEP?

When overseas recruiters transition to iTEP:

  • They save time and money with iTEP Conversation. Students take the exam from home, which frees you up for more recruitment.
  • Online and on-demand. No paper to store, no shipments, and no storage.
  • Leaves time to interview for program intent, and not English proficiency. All of this means you can do what you do best!

Who accepts iTEP?

You can see the schools and organizations we work with here.

How does iTEP Conversation compare with ELTiS 1.0?

See the comparison chart here. Download a printable equivalency score sheet here.

How secure is iTEP Conversation?

iTEP’s FotoSure® software photographs the test-taker throughout the exam, and our Item Bank feature live streams content to ensure that no two tests are alike. View our security protocol here.

What is the structure of iTEP Conversation?
  1. Opening Questions — 2 minutes/ one part Test-taker asked to introduce him/herself and speak about friends and family.
  2. Short Passage Reading — 1 minute/ one part Test-taker is asked to read an intermediate-level passage of approximately 85 words.
  3. Short Answer — 1 minute/ one part Test-taker is asked to answer three questions about an informal, everyday topic.
  4. Photos A & B — 1 minute/ two photos Test-taker is shown photos and is asked to answer three brief questions about them.
  5. Documents — 1 minute/ two documents Test-taker is asked to answer three questions based on a document presented on the screen.
  6. Topic Discussion — 2 minutes/ one part Test-taker is asked about a topic and given one minute to prepare a minute-long response offering their personal opinion.
  7. Agree or Disagree? — 2 minutes/ one part Two different sides of an issue are presented; the test-taker is asked to give a one-minute response on the issue presented.
What does the official Score Report look like?

You can see a sample score report here.

What does the certificate look like, that Overseas Partners send to the students when the test is graded?

You can see a sample Certificate of Proficiency here.

Who sets the score requirements for school admission or job placement?

Organizations and schools set their own score requirements with our guidance and years of average and median scores by program.

What are the online system requirements?

In addition to a high speed Internet connection, the student will need access to a laptop computer or a desktop computer. The computer will need to have a microphone and camera attached. The test will check compatibility with the Browser, Internet connection and will test the levels on the microphone and will check the camera before the actual test begins.

  • Internet: Broadband Internet connection: Download speed – 750 kbps minimum Upload speed – 250 kbps minimum NOTE: To see if your computer meets the Technical Requirements, go to:
    • You will be asked to listen to the audio and confirm you hear it.
    • You will be asked to speak and test your microphone.
    • Finally, you will be asked to test your camera.
    • When these three items are checked and passed, you’re ready to begin the test.
  • Hardware: Operating System: Windows 7 or newer, Mac OS X, or ChromeBook.
    • Headset (unless you use the built-in speakers,) microphone and webcam, keyboard, mouse.
  • Software: Adobe Flash Player version 10.0 or higher Verify your Flash installation here:

Is there a minimum purchase?


Why don’t we see scores immediately?

iTEP Conversation is a 100% verbal test. There are 8 questions, and all 8 answers are spoken into the microphone. A global bank of ESL professionals, all trained on how to grade this specific and unique test pull tests from the cloud and grade them. This normally takes 24 hours, but can take up to 72 hours based on the volume of tests being graded and the number of graders available at any given time.

This keeps the scoring consistent and grades are based on real people, not machines. Each grader is “calibrated” every 3 months so all tests are graded equally.

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