iTEP And Hanover In Partnership

Manage your programs in a central place that your participants, hosts & partners will love when you use Hanover as your CRM. Then, with iTEP and Hanover’s partnership, require the iTEP Conversation test for students to show their English proficiency. Using the new iTEP module for Hanover, it’s easy to add iTEP test scores and links to your score reports seamlessly. That creates the most powerful database combination in the international exchange industry today. Sponsors are then fully compliant with the Department of State language proficiency regulations.

iTEP and Hanover In Partnership

Built to help with the unique challenges of international exchange programs, Hanover is designed to automate your processes so you can focus on what matters.

When the customized iTEP module is added to Hanover, the English proficiency scores can speed along acceptance decisions, along with placement decisions for jobs and internships.

Does this look familiar? With the iTEP module, scores are imported as part of the record. A link is provided to the official score report for additional information and for use if your organization ever finds itself in an audit.

iTEP and Hanover In Partnership

Using thousands of iTEP scores, we can set up a unique “typical jobs” chart for your organization. Accept and place students objectively, quickly and accurately. Come full circle with CRM, adding the iTEP module, using scores inside the CRM for placement. Same time, save money, increase accuracy employers will appreciate.

Let us or Hanover know if we can help in any way. With iTEP and Hanover in partnership, we’re processing thousands of participants. We regularly process student’s iTEP English proficiency scores in over 20 different countries worldwide. Hanover has over 10 years of experience. Add iTEP’s 18 years since the creation of an English proficiency test that addressed the needs of the international education community. That equals unparalleled experience and service you can count on.

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