iTEP Hospitality

English Proficiency Test

The iTEP Hospitality English proficiency test is an online and on-demand English language evaluation. Questions and speaking prompts are geared for all aspects of the hospitality and tourism market. The test is graded in 24 hours and designed for the fast-paced environment of hotels, restaurants, resorts, cruise lines, airlines, and many more hospitality businesses. 

iTEP Hospitality has two sections, listening and speaking. In both sections, examinees encounter content and questions targeted at varying levels of proficiency. The test challenges prospective job candidates to demonstrate that they are capable of communicating verbally in English. iTEP Hospitality helps determine if an applicant can effectively receive instructions and perform communication-related tasks.

Most job candidates take the iTEP Hospitality English proficiency test on their home or laptop computer. Some recruitment offices may ask students to come to their office, and they give the iTEP Hospitality English proficiency test there. The iTEP Hospitality test can be administered on almost any computer in 30 minutes. Scores are available in 24 hours.

How is this unique test used? First, screening new hires for English language ability. Second by qualifying employees for assignments requiring English proficiency. Third, by making informed promotion decisions. Lastly, by evaluating the return on investment of English teaching and training programs.

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