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JANUARY 3, 2020

A Professional Association For Language Testers In Europe

iTEP International received notification of membership approval into the European Association for Language Testing and Assessment – more commonly known as EALTA. EALTA is a professional association for language testers in Europe. The stated mission is “to promote the understanding of theoretical principles of language testing and assessment, and the improvement and sharing of testing and assessment practices throughout Europe.” Further, EALTA represents those involved in language testing and assessment at a European level. This includes the European Union and the Council of Europe. It helps as iTEP joins EALTA since Academic Language Solutions is now testing in Europe with the iTEP Conversation test.

The rationale for the creation of EALTA is on its webpage. “Europe is a multilingual continent, where the diversity of languages, cultures, and traditions is highly valued. Part of such diversity is in education systems and assessment traditions and values. Given such diversity, the testing and assessment of language proficiency is a crucial component of language policies. These aim to respect linguistic and cultural diversity while seeking to ensure that the highest possible quality is guaranteed of the measurement of educational outcomes and language learning and language proficiency in particular.”

Recent developments in Europe as iTEP joins EALTA, particularly associated with language policy in the European Union and the Council of Europe. This includes the dissemination of the Common European Framework of Reference and the European Language Portfolio. They have highlighted the need for a European language testing association, which speaks for testers in Europe and which has no commercial affiliation or aims.”

iTEP joins EALTA

Entering EALTA

iTEP joins EALTA in September 2019. Thomas Shandorf, Executive Director of iTEP Europe, guided the application process. “As a company dedicated to quality English language proficiency tests and quality test development, it was very natural that iTEP should desire to become a member of EALTA. Our organizational philosophy on testing and assessment is very much in sync with EALTA’s goals and we look forward to being an active member”, Shandorf stated.

For iTEP, Europe represents a market with growing potential. Currently, project proposals are underway in several countries that would utilize iTEP testing. In addition, several new iTEP public test centers have recently been approved. So it makes sense when iTEP joins EALTA.

Schools, companies, or individuals interested in learning more about iTEP testing in Europe as iTEP joins EALTA should contact Thomas Shandorf, Executive Director iTEP Europe, at or Academic Language Solutions below.


Contact information:
Randy LeGrant, President

Kevin Morgan, Chairman


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