iTEP Conversation

In less than 30 minutes, iTEP assesses English Conversational skills from pronunciation to vocabulary and grammatical accuracy to answering questions and expressing opinions.  The test is ideal for schools, businesses, and exchange programs where daily conversation is the norm.


iTEP Slate

Secondary Level Assessment Test of English is a 60 or 90-minute test which is the most efficient, secure, accurate and affordable way for public and private high schools to measure English proficiency of incoming matriculating and exchange students.  The core test is online or paper-based, and the “Plus” test is online and includes speaking and writing components.

iTEP Intern

A 25-minute online test that concentrates on Listening and Speaking skills with content specifically geared to workplace situations that an Intern, Trainee or Apprentice would encounter on a daily basis.


iTEP Business

A 60-90 minute test (“Plus” test is 90 minutes and includes speaking and writing) is a purpose-designed test used for measuring skills for individuals being considered for employment, promotion or qualification for a particular position.

iTEP Hospitality

A  25-minute test designed to measure the unique skills required in the hospitality industry, whether at hotels, restaurants, resorts, cruise ships, or other hospitality venues.


iTEP Placement

An untimed test, limited to single use for an individual or group which assesses grammar, listening, vocabulary and reading.  Also available in “Plus” format with writing and speaking components.

iTEP Au Pair

The first and only English test specifically designed to evaluate au pairs.  Content in this 25-minute test is uniquely developed based on in-home and childcare situations.