Research Projects ... our own and others.

While our English Language tests assess individual skills, what about measuring trends, policies and procedures, techniques in language acquisition.  ACADEMIC Language Solutions can help you quantify progress for entire groups of language learners.

We can also serve as a resource where language teachers can access meaningful research and new developments in the teaching of second languages.  We invite language scholars to post their research on this site.

We also invite businesses and schools who have a need for research projects to contact us.  We’ll discuss your requirements and propose next steps in conducting analysis of your language learners, your techniques, or your procedures.  We can help you demonstrate your successes, and give you data to help correct any shortcomings.


Our research

From time to time we will publish research that we have conducted (with clients’ permission, of course).  This is original research conducted by Academic Language Solutions. CLICK below to take a look at a recent project.



community research

This section of our website hosts some language education research submitted by community members. CLICK below to see if any new studies are available for review.


what are your needs?

Do you have a project that needs to be researched?  Do you want to track progress of groups of language learners?  CLICK below to tell us a little bit about your request and we’ll have an associate contact you.