English language testing that is both innovative and accurate ... including conversation skills.

Most English language tests assess skills in vocabulary, grammar, listening, or reading … BUT, WHAT IS REALLY IMPORTANT IS HOW WELL AN INDIVIDUAL CAN CARRY ON A CONVERSATION!  You don’t know the language, until you can speak the language.

Finally, there is a test that accurately measures everyday, and advanced, English Conversation Skills.

How ready are you to travel to another country and function well from Day One?  How prepared is your child to go to school in an English Speaking country?  How well have you done with all those English classes?  How well does a transferredemployee have a chance to communicate in a business environment?

iTEP has a test for all these questions … and more.  iTEP gives you answers!

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test taker / parent

As a student, how ready are you to communicate in English?  If you are ready to find out, you should take the iTEP Conversation test.  Or there is an entire suite of exams if you are going to an English-speaking country to be an Exchange Student, an Au Pair, an Intern/Trainee, a Teacher, an expat employee … or just a casual traveler.  Take a test in the comfort of your home, or anywhere there is good internet connection.  Take a test on YOUR schedule.  Get results in just five days.  All this at affordable prices.

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J-1 or F-1 sponsor

Do you recruit students to come to the United States, or another English speaking country?  You can pre-screen students, test students in compliance with government regulations, help schools place students in appropriate classes or with the right host family.  Specialized tests are available for the Work and Travel Program, Au Pair, Intern/Trainee.  The iTEP exam is appropriate for all J-1 and F-1 categories, and all English-speaking countries.

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school or business

Whether you are a high school, a university, or an ESL program, you want to know how well your incoming students are prepared for classroom experiences.  How good is their reading comprehension, their vocabulary, their speaking?  iTEP offers tests for all these scenarios … from admissions to placement.  Do you have an employee transferring from a non-English speaking country into the United States?  iTEP’s Business Exam assesses English Language proficiency of potential or current employees.