Testing In The Age Of The Coronavirus

testing in the age of the coronavirus

 Health As A Priority And Test Scores That Last

Welcome to testing in the age of the Coronavirus! Our immediate goal is to ensure test-taker health and safety while maintaining test security and integrity of scores. We also know that some overseas partners use a room in their own offices to give English tests. That involves bringing students into agency offices, having students sit near one another, and integrating closely with proctors.

The good news is that many of our iTEP professional exams are already delivered in-home, like Conversation, Au PairHospitality, and Intern.

We have extensively enhanced and upgraded the Fotosure® security software to enhance our online, on-demand testing. Every test is reviewed by one of our graders, and any testing irregularity is flagged for further review. We used to take 8+ photos during a testing session. We now snap 30+ photos during a testing session, eliminating the need to have students come to your office to take a test and possibly having many people infected violating and local “shelter in place” restrictions.

We also know that almost all countries have imposed travel restrictions where students are planning to go. If that happens to your students, we are certifying scores for 12-months. There will be no need to have students retest in 2021 if they can’t travel in 2020. Testing in the age of Coronavirus means being there for students, advocating for them with Visa Sponsors, and keeping them out of testing rooms and other test-takers.

Problem: How To Keep Students And Staff Safe And Test Scores Valid During Travel Restrictions

Solution: iTEP Fotosure® Security Software And Certifying Scores For 12 Months

You can look upon testing either as a requirement or an enhancement. The problem is how to maintain safety, stay healthy, and still test your students. And, how do you maintain a high degree of security and integrity? If students can’t travel in 2020, will they have to retest in 2021?

Our updated Fotosure® takes 30 photos during a test. And if you want to keep testing, we will certify your student’s scores for one full year. If any of your students can’t participate in 2020, for any reason, your student’s scores will be certified, and you can use their score for 2021, eliminating the need to retest.

Next Steps In Testing In The Age Of The Coronavirus

We have prepared a detailed page of helpful hints for you to share with your students to continue testing and to keep everyone safe as well as honoring your local restrictions for movement.

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