Students and travelers … are you ready to take a test to measure your English skills?

Parents … do you want to make sure your son or daughter is ready to function in an English-speaking foreign country … or do you want to discover how well English classes have prepared your child?

Why Take the iTEP exam?  Which exam should you take?

itep's special features

iTEP evaluates Grammar. Listening, Reading, Writing … and Speaking!  On-demand internet testing provides maximum scheduling flexibility.  The results are available in just five days.  Tests are very affordable.  Specially-trained individual graders evaluate writing and speaking components and test questions are randomly selected from an extensive item bank.  Every student receives a clear and informative Score Report and an optional Certificate of Proficiency is available.  The iTEP tests are internationally-recognized because they assess general and linguistic sub-skills which are then accepted by hundreds of schools, colleges, businesses and governments around the world.

iTEP Suite of Exams … which test is right for you



iTEP recognizes that not all testing needs are not the same … one size does not fit all!  Take an iTEP Exam for:

  • Secondary or Boarding School admissions;
  • University admissions;
  • Language course placement;
  • Track your progress in learning English;
  • Cultural Exchange Programs;
  • Internships and training programs;
  • Becoming an au pair in an English-speaking country;
  • Taking a work exchange;
  • Beginning a hospitality job

There are many reasons for taking a test, and iTEP has an appropriate test for you.



Rest easy when your child goes overseas.  Be assured that their English skills are adequate for their travel and study program.  If they need some improvement, they will receive a Score Report that gives them helpful hints about how to improve specific skills that could be better.

COMING SOON … Parents!  iTEP is introducing a specially created exam to measure English skills in 10-14 year-olds. Start tracking progress at an early age.  See how well their special English Language classes are helping your son or daughter.