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Learn more about Academic Language Solutions and iTEP.

30-90 minutes. Constant security monitoring during each test. More than a thousand institutions around the world use and accept iTEP.

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    Screen Shot 2022-06-02 at 8.11.44 AMThe pulse of our company. Here are the tests we currently provide to anyone wishing to demonstrate their English proficiency.


    Learn more about all of our tests from Academic Language Solutions and iTEP.
    Discover which test is right for your organization.

    30-90 minutes. Prevention to post-assessment security monitoring. Academic tests and career tests are available to enhance the services you provide to your participants. More than a thousand institutions around the world use and accept iTEP.

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      Screen Shot 2022-05-20 at 3.09.41 PMChoose the test you need to take. Academic tests are needed for admission to the program or school of your choice. Career tests are necessary to get a job or a promotion.
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        Here's a sample job placement chart to show how you can use iTEP scores to place students with employers to ensure success. And we answer the question ... "Which iTEP Test Should I Be Using?"
        We also encourage the use of CEFR scores, and we've provided you a definitive guide for using CEFR Levels and accepting students.
        Learn more about all of our tests from Academic Language Solutions and iTEP.
        set job candidates and employers up for success before the job begins.

        The information on this page is based on years of iTEP Conversation test scores. Thousands of job applicants have been tested with the iTEP Conversation exam. These scores have been used to accept workers and then used to for placement in seasonal jobs. The “typical jobs” are just suggestions. Let iTEP take care of assessing English proficiency, and you can concentrate on other student qualities.

         We can develop a unique placement chart for your organization!
          Screen Shot 2022-06-02 at 8.10.49 AMFirst, take an iTEP English test. Then, to build your English speaking confidence, use Flow Speak. Weekly lessons specifically tailored to your English level. Discover the art of understanding and incorporating authentic expressions commonly used by native speakers during conversations.
          Learn more about Academic Language Solutions and our partnership with FLOW Speak.
          REQUEST A FREE PROMO subscription TO Flow Speak. You can also request a Free test FROM OUR DIVERSE LIST OF ENGLISH TESTS.

          We partnered up with FLOW Speak because all you have to do is test once, and speak often. You'll take your English level from the iTEP test, and then using FLOW Speak, you'll speak more confidently and achieve that English fluency you want.

            Case Studies To Read And Download
            Stay In The Know

            Our case studies provide real-world testing examples and applications of theoretical concepts, bridging the gap between theory and practice. They allow readers to see how other J1 Sponsors' and Agents' problems are identified, analyzed, and solved in real-life scenarios.

            By studying cases, other sponsors and agents can learn valuable lessons on what works and doesn't, avoiding potential pitfalls.

            Our case studies don't simulate real-life decision-making processes. They are the real deal. We present them here to help readers develop the ability to make informed and effective decisions that benefit all of your stakeholders. We have highlighted best practices and benchmarks, which can serve as models for improvement and innovation in student exchange programs.

            Please let us know if your organization wants to be considered for a case study!

              Refund Policy

              How to obtain a refund for iTEP exams purchased from Academic Language Solutions - iTEP and how to receive a free test reset.

              Refunds and Test Reset Defined

              A refund is defined as a return of the money you paid for an iTEP, less associated fees for handling the test you bought.

              A free test reset is defined as a reset of your exam if there are technical issues that prohibited the test from being saved and uploaded to our server (Internet issues) or if the microphone or webcam did not record the sound or photos required for Virtual Proctoring.

              When You May Request A Free Reset Of Your Test

              If for technical or any other reasons a given test is not able to be completed or results cannot be provided, iTEP International and the iTEP Administrator’s liability shall be limited to providing a replacement test for no charge to the test-taker.

              iTEP's Academic Department will reset the affected portions of the test for free and allow the test to be retaken for no charge.

              When You May Request A Refund

              If you buy a test from Academic Language Solutions - iTEP and you want a refund, 

              • You must not have used the Test ID and Password for the test you are requesting to be refunded.
              • The Test ID must be 30 days old or newer.
              • If the Test ID and Password have not been used, and you request a refund for that test via email, you will receive a refund of the fee you paid for the test less a $15 processing and handling fee.
              • The refund (less the $15 processing and handling fee) can only be credited to the credit card you used to purchase the iTEP test.
              • It can take between 5-10 days for you to see the credit on your credit card statement.

              Changes to This Privacy Notice

              This policy is effective as of 1 August 2022.  We may change, modify or update this Privacy Policy at any time.

              How to Contact Us To Request a Free Test Reset Or Refund

              Please contact to request a free test reset or request a refund. You must give us the reasons for your request along with your Test ID number.