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30-90 minutes. Constant security monitoring during each test. More than a thousand institutions around the world use and accept iTEP.

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    Screen Shot 2022-06-02 at 8.11.44 AMThe pulse of our company. Here are the tests we currently provide to anyone wishing to demonstrate their English proficiency.


    Learn more about all of our tests from Academic Language Solutions and iTEP.
    Discover which test is right for your organization.

    30-90 minutes. Prevention to post-assessment security monitoring. Academic tests and career tests are available to enhance the services you provide to your participants. More than a thousand institutions around the world use and accept iTEP.

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        Screen Shot 2022-06-02 at 8.10.49 AMTake a look at this sample chart designed to guide placement coordinators based on objective English proficiency. Set the applicant AND the employer up for success in advance of the start date.
        Learn more about all of our tests from Academic Language Solutions and iTEP.
        set job candidates and employers up for success before the job begins.

        The information on this page is based on years of iTEP Conversation test scores. Thousands of job applicants have been tested with the iTEP Conversation exam. These scores have been used to accept workers and then used to for placement in seasonal jobs. The “typical jobs” are just suggestions. Let iTEP take care of assessing English proficiency, and you can concentrate on other student qualities.

         We can develop a unique placement chart for your organization!

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          students taking iTEP tests


          At Home Testing


          The Lightbulb Moment

          Test centers are still closed due to COVID-19 and staff shortages.

          Test centers can be miles away. Sometimes an airplane ride away.

          Travel to the test center and the cost of a test can be as much as a week's holiday.

          Pre-screening costs are prohibitive when calculating staff time, and training.

          Waiting for test scores can take multiple weeks.


          We started Academic Language Solutions - iTEP in 2016 after a combined 90 years of service devoted to the student exchange space. As formerly designated visa sponsors, we have a great deal of experience with the J1 and F1 visa programs.

          We realize first-hand how important it is to end the calls to sponsors from school administrators because students cannot understand teachers when they give directions. We know how frustrated employers can get when J1 Summer Work and Travel students are unable to understand their customers.

          Using iTEP tests will save visa sponsors and recruiting agents time and money. iTEP tests will take your organization from subjective interviews to objective measurement of English skills. Whether you are a visa sponsor or a recruiting agency responsible for recruiting students to work abroad, using iTEP tests will place your organization in a unique position with your competition through differentiation.

          So, that is why we built Academic Language Solutions - iTEP.

          the lightbulb moment

          Our Tests

          Academic Plus

          University Admissions Test. Everything post-secondary institutions need to make informed admissions and assessment decisions.

          Slate Plus

          High School Admissions Test. Online and on-demand English language evaluation for high schools and middle schools.

          High School Exchange

          J-Visa English test. Includes grammar, listening, and reading with a special mini interview that is video recorded.


          Business and Commerce Assessment. Everything companies need for a reliable picture of their candidate’s mastery of the language skills necessary for the job.


          Simple and to the point. Designed for test-takers to speak freely about things that they already know. Topics one might expect to encounter in casual conversation.

          CEFR Certificate

          A suite of evaluations designed to give users a clear picture of their proficiency at different levels of fluency in accordance with the Common European Framework of Reference (CEFR).


          Designed for the fast-paced environment of hotels, restaurants, resorts, cruise lines, airlines, and many more hospitality businesses. 

          Au Pair

          Created to evaluate the Au Pair's level of English to be able to succeed. This test streamlines that process. It is the first and only English test specifically designed to evaluate au pairs.


          Used by agencies that process J-1 Visa applicants. It is also used by private companies and recruiters as a preliminary filter to determine which applicants are worth pursuing further.

          Our Co-Founders

          cofounders randy legrant and kevin morgan


          Kevin Morgan (right) & Randy LeGrant (left)

          Academic Language Solutions was founded in 2016 by Kevin Morgan and Randy LeGrant. Combined, they have over 90 years of service devoted to the student exchange space. Both bring experience as formerly designated visa sponsors. They brought students to the United States as well as sent participants abroad from the United States. They have been involved in English testing of student workers since 2001.


          We like to have it

          a group of us at the IAPA conference having fun
          randy and kevin wearing masks at the wystc conference in lisbon
          Randy and Kevin at a Yankees vs Red Sox game at Fenway Park
          Kevin and Randy wearing russian hats at the wystc conference in lisbon