English Proficiency Testing Online And On-Demand


We hope all of our friends have remained healthy during this unique time. Along with “social distancing,” we continue to practice “social testing” with all of our English proficiency testing. Our FotoSure® security now snaps a photo every minute. We certify test scores for 24-months. No more testing centers crammed with students. No more proctors exposed to illness. “Social testing” is the “new testing routine while we continue to measure English skills. “

English proficiency testing focuses on two very specific English skills: listening and speaking. These two English skills are more critical today than at any other time in student exchange. As a result, sponsors, agents, and schools that accept J-1 and F-1 students now have access to objective and consistent English proficiency testing to prove the English proficiency of their students.

Academic Language Solutions’ co-founders bring 90 years of combined experience as formerly designated J-1 sponsors. Academic Language Solutions, therefore, is in a unique position to recommend English proficiency tests that work in the real world of student exchange.

Let’s end the calls to sponsors when teachers cannot understand a student when they speak. How often have schools reached out to J-1 sponsors wondering why their new exchange students cannot understand teacher directions? Or frustrated employers with J1 Summer Work and Travel students unable to understand customers. Academic Language Solutions has an English proficiency test that takes care of those concerns.

Save time and money if you want to measure English skills objectively, specifically listening and speaking skills. Place your organization in a unique position with your competition through differentiation. We test students for listening and speaking skills before they ever arrive.

Our flagship English proficiency test, iTEP Conversation, is graded by specially trained human graders and ESL professionals. It’s a 30-minute oral exam looking for real-world conversation ability. Why was this unique test brought to the student exchange space? Because many visa sponsors and schools that accept exchange students told us

“People think high schools rely most heavily on the writing and reading skills when considering welcoming an exchange student. What we hear most, however, is that schools see that visiting students have a difficult time communicating verbally with teachers and other students. It’s a breakdown iTEP”s exams take care of, since all iTEP exams have a speaking component.”

Jeff Laband, Northwest Student Exchange (NWSE)

iTEP Conversation, our flagship English proficiency test, becomes the tool to identify the success probability of an exchange student.

iTEP exams come in all different shapes and sizes to measure English skills. As a result, it’s easy to find the right test. Students entering college will want to take iTEP Academic. High School students will do better with iTEP Slate or High School Exchange. Industry-specific and tailor-made exams include Au Pair, Hospitality, Intern, Aviation, and Business. All of these tests are online and on-demand.