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Learn more about Academic Language Solutions and iTEP.

30-90 minutes. Constant security monitoring during each test. More than a thousand institutions around the world use and accept iTEP.

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    Screen Shot 2022-06-02 at 8.11.44 AMThe pulse of our company. Here are the tests we currently provide to anyone wishing to demonstrate their English proficiency.


    Learn more about all of our tests from Academic Language Solutions and iTEP.
    Discover which test is right for your organization.

    30-90 minutes. Prevention to post-assessment security monitoring. Academic tests and career tests are available to enhance the services you provide to your participants. More than a thousand institutions around the world use and accept iTEP.

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      Screen Shot 2022-05-20 at 3.09.41 PMChoose the test you need to take. Academic tests are needed for admission to the program or school of your choice. Career tests are necessary to get a job or a promotion.
      Choose a test you need to take from the menu on your left, then purchase it. Each test is good for one year. Scores are good for two years.
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        Here's a sample job placement chart to show how you can use iTEP scores to place students with employers to ensure success. And we answer the question ... "Which iTEP Test Should I Be Using?"
        We also encourage the use of CEFR scores, and we've provided you a definitive guide for using CEFR Levels and accepting students.
        Learn more about all of our tests from Academic Language Solutions and iTEP.
        set job candidates and employers up for success before the job begins.

        The information on this page is based on years of iTEP Conversation test scores. Thousands of job applicants have been tested with the iTEP Conversation exam. These scores have been used to accept workers and then used to for placement in seasonal jobs. The “typical jobs” are just suggestions. Let iTEP take care of assessing English proficiency, and you can concentrate on other student qualities.

         We can develop a unique placement chart for your organization!
          Screen Shot 2022-06-02 at 8.10.49 AMFirst, take an iTEP English test. Then, to build your English speaking confidence, use Flow Speak. Weekly lessons specifically tailored to your English level. Discover the art of understanding and incorporating authentic expressions commonly used by native speakers during conversations.
          Learn more about Academic Language Solutions and our partnership with FLOW Speak.
          REQUEST A FREE PROMO subscription TO Flow Speak. You can also request a Free test FROM OUR DIVERSE LIST OF ENGLISH TESTS.

          We partnered up with FLOW Speak because all you have to do is test once, and speak often. You'll take your English level from the iTEP test, and then using FLOW Speak, you'll speak more confidently and achieve that English fluency you want.

            English Proficiency Testing For Interns, Trainees, Teachers, Hospitality Workers, Students, Au Pairs

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            Thousands Of Institutions Around The World Partner With iTEP.

            iTEP International and Academic Language Solutions - iTEP.  An award-winning combination.

            Academic Language Solutions - iTEP is proud to partner with a wide variety of institutions in the fields of education, educational travel, business, and government to provide high-quality English proficiency testing that is flexible and affordable. There are a number of ways to partner with us, all of which provide access to our extensive global network. Learn more about our roots and history by checking out our About Us page.

            Together with iTEP International, we won the 2020 Global Youth Travel Award For Most Notable Innovation featuring FotoSure™ security software.

            2020 winner

            We were nominated for the 2022 Global Youth Travel Award For Most Notable Innovation for our S.E.E. (Social English Exam).


            iTEP tests can be taken anytime, anywhere.

            Because they're online and on demand.

            Official results in less than 24 hours.

            iTEP career tests last 30 minutes. The Academic tests take 90 minutes.

            Accepted at thousands of institutions and organizations.

            iTEP career tests are accepted for visa work programs globally.

            OUR TESTS


            Used by Visa sponsors to streamline their process and meet visa regs. Also used by companies as a preliminary filter to determine which applicants are worth pursuing further.

            Au Pair

            Part of the au pair experience is learning a new language and culture, but au pairs need to know a certain level of English to succeed.


            Everything companies need to get a reliable picture of their candidate’s mastery of the language skills necessary for the job.


            Designed for the fast-paced environment of hotels, restaurants, resorts, cruise lines, airlines, and many more hospitality businesses. 

            CEFR Certificate Test

            A suite of evaluations designed to give users a clear picture of their proficiency at different levels of fluency in accordance with the Common European Framework of Reference (CEFR).


            Designed to give test-takers an opportunity to speak freely about things that they already know. Questions are friendly, and cover topics one might expect to encounter in casual conversation.


            The online Snapshot exam covers Grammar, Listening, Reading, Writing, and Speaking and is aligned to CEFR. Score reports in 24 hours guaranteed!

            Academic and Slate Plus

            English language evaluation for high schools, middle schools, colleges, and universities. Everything institutions need to make informed admissions and assessment decisions.

            High School Exchange

            Grammar, listening, reading, and speaking in a test under one hour. Test takers also answer a series of spoken questions about why they want to be an exchange student.

            All of our tests are online and on demand all over the world. Take your test when you're  ready in a place where you feel comfortable.


            No need to travel to a testing center (although you may if you wish). Your official score report and certificate are delivered in less than 24 hours. Career tests start at $69, and Academic tests start at $129. High School Exchange starts at $19. All iTEP exams are aligned to CEFR (The Common European Framework of Reference for Languages)

            Step One

            Let's talk. Schedule a meeting or a call.  Ask all the questions you want. This is where we meet you and you meet us. We'll answer your questions and make sure you're comfortable with the test that works for your organization.

            Want to kick the tires and see how it goes? We'll provide free tests to try out.

            itep tests we sell at academic language solutions

            Step Two

            Choose how the tests are delivered. You can send Test IDs and Passwords and control the entire process. Alternatively, test-takers can follow a unique link and buy their test online and take it at their convenience. You will received a copy of their Score Report.

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            Step Three

            Tests are taken at the convenience of your candidates. Scores are received within 24 hours. 

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            Lema, an exchange college student talking about the item exam
            iTEP is the only exam I wish all universities should consider. It is user friendly, which helps students with less instructional stress. I liked it a lot and it is the best one from all the English exams I have taken before.
            College Student
            brazilan mother and daughter talking about itep
            My daughter did the iTEP test required by the school remotely there in Cuiabá. This made it much easier because these tests are usually done only in São Paulo. In addition to this benefit, we had access to the results quickly and sent them to the school to continue the process of selecting exchange students.
            Avila Bartholo
            Mother of Brazilian student
            jeff leband of nwse student exchange
            People think high schools rely most heavily on reading & writing skills when considering welcoming an exchange student. What we hear most, however, is that schools see that visiting students have a difficult time communicating verbally with teachers and other students. iTEP takes care of that since all iTEP exams have a speaking component.
            Jeff Laband
            Executive Director, NWSE




            English Proficiency Testing 24/7


            Successful employers rely on employees and interns who display effective communication skills.


            Schools often worry that test scores don’t predict real language ability. They also wonder if those scores will predict which applicants will be good students.


            Our standards for security and academic reliability drive us to create the most accurate tool for English admissions testing.









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