iTEP Au Pair

iTEP Au Pair Test brochure cover

Welcome to the first and only au pair English proficiency test specifically designed to evaluate au pairs. Part of the au pair experience is learning a new language and culture. However, au pairs need to know a certain level of English to succeed. Organizations that place au pairs have to strike this balance. That is why we created iTEP Au Pair to help them streamline their evaluation process.

iTEP Au Pair assesses the speaking and listening skills needed by au pairs. By scoring well on the test, prospective au pairs demonstrate that they are capable of communicating verbally in English in a domestic setting. This is the purpose of the iTEP au pair English proficiency test.

Most au pairs take the iTEP Au Pair test on their home computer. Some au pair recruitment offices ask au pairs to come to their office, and they give the iTEP Au Pair test there. iTEP staff is available to troubleshoot and guide you through the process. The test takes 20 minutes, and scores are available within 24 hours.

iTEP Au Pair is used by agencies to screen J-1 Visa applicants with ease. It can be incorporated seamlessly into existing evaluation procedures. It enables agencies to assure their clients that the au pairs they place have the English skills necessary to succeed in an English-speaking environment.

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