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        Here's a sample job placement chart to show how you can use iTEP scores to place students with employers to ensure success. And we answer the question ... "Which iTEP Test Should I Be Using?"
        We also encourage the use of CEFR scores, and we've provided you a definitive guide for using CEFR Levels and accepting students.
        Learn more about all of our tests from Academic Language Solutions and iTEP.
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        The information on this page is based on years of iTEP Conversation test scores. Thousands of job applicants have been tested with the iTEP Conversation exam. These scores have been used to accept workers and then used to for placement in seasonal jobs. The “typical jobs” are just suggestions. Let iTEP take care of assessing English proficiency, and you can concentrate on other student qualities.

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            2 min read

            Exchange Students Have A Lot Of Courage

            Exchange Students Have A Lot Of Courage

            Think back to when you were sixteen years old.  What was your focus?

            There are thousands of young people from around the world right now who are exchange students. At sixteen or so, their vision took them beyond the walls of their home, beyond their city limits and their country borders … to a new place in another part of the world.

            What characterizes these young leaders?  We talked in the last couple of weeks with J-1 Visa program sponsors and agreed that it just takes courage … the courage to venture out to a new family, a new school, a new circle of friends, and a new country.  At sixteen, did you have that courage?

            Read what sponsors, a parent, and a student had to say, and I think you’ll agree with us about courage:

            “It does take courage to leave your family, friends, and familiar places behind and go to a different part of the world on your own.  The experience is scary but quickly becomes fun, and by the end of the year, new bonds for the rest of your life are formed.  You go home wiser, stronger, and better equipped to deal with the challenges faced as an adult.”

            Marcie Schneider, President, Intrax Inc.

            “With everything going on in the world today, cultural exchange is more important than ever, but can also have additional challenges. What I have seen is even as teenagers, students recognize this, and rather than shy away from the difficulties – they face them head-on, showing determination, resilience, and enviable courage. They are truly the future change-makers in this world.”

            Stephanie Smart, Director of High School Exchange, CIEE

            “It takes courage to leave your comfortable family life in your home country with your mom and dad to travel across the world to a new family you know nothing about. Are they nice people? What will the food be like? Will they treat me well? What will my new high school be like? Will the students be nice to me? Will they even talk to me? Will I make friends? What about my classes, will it be easier or harder? Am I really up to this experience? Will I be homesick? Can I make it a whole ten months?”

            Dave Dahl, CEO, WISE Foundation

            “Ours is a small, simple apartment in Berlin, and he’s always been a shy boy. But since grade 4, he’s had written on a piece of paper on his bedroom wall, ‘exchange student in U.S.’ as one of his goals.  So we knew we had to make it happen. He’s so changed now.  More outgoing. He even talks about making schools in Berlin better, so kids are more interested.”

            Parent of an exchange student with AYUSA

            “I love helping the younger kids and explaining my culture.  It was scary coming to this little community because of my different religion. But everyone has been nice.  They are very curious and ask lots of questions.”

            A YES Exchange Student from AYUSA

            Do you have something to add?  Something to say about exchange students?  If you do, we’d like to devote an upcoming issue to sharing educators’ thoughts about the high school exchange program … the students, the families, the teachers, and the administrators who make it happen.  How do exchange students contribute to your community?  What do you think of the program overall?

            Students From 118 Countries

            1 min read

            Students From 118 Countries

            Exchange Students come from all over the world. I’d say that the last “normal” (pre-pandemic) year was 2019. I took a look at July 2019 J-Visa...

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            Why Taking iTEP Intern Can Help You Win That Internship

            2 min read

            Why Taking iTEP Intern Can Help You Win That Internship

            As someone who’s done more than my fair share of job interviews over the years, I can tell you that it’s not the most fun thing in the world. It’s...

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            From Anxiety to Aced: How To Overcome iTEP Test-Taking Stress

            2 min read

            From Anxiety to Aced: How To Overcome iTEP Test-Taking Stress

            Overcoming test-taking anxiety is crucial for achieving success on the iTEP English proficiency test. Test-taking anxiety can be caused by multiple...

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